If you are planning to buy a property it is essential that you carry out pre-purchase building and pest inspections. A building inspection will tell you more about the condition of the home in question and will identify any underlying defects, safety hazards or movement. While many people will conduct a building inspection, they sometimes neglect to carry out a pest inspection.

What is a pest inspection and why is it so important?

A pest inspection is different from a building inspection. While building inspections can identify visual damage caused by termites, ants or other pests in the past, they do not identify active pests in your home or outline possible pest risks in the future. Pest inspections check a home for both active and historical evidence of pests, while suggesting possible solutions to current risks.

Pest inspections are essential for all homes, even if the property you are buying is new or looks in good condition. This is because many pests can lurk in unlikely places. Houses can be teaming with pests and you can be none the wiser. This is particularly true of termite infestations. Termites are essentially undetectable by the untrained eye, so it will take a professional to spot them.

Looking for a professional pest inspection on the Gold Coast?

To make you’re life easier, Peace of Mind Termite & Pest Management can assist you with both your building and pest inspection needs. For just one inclusive price, we will conduct a building and pest inspection and provide you with an in-depth report so you can make a more informed purchase. Conveniently located in Tweed Heads, we service both Northern New South Wales and the Gold Coast.