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Find out how to protect your home against termites, how effective baiting systems are, which chemical-sensitive pest control options are available, plus much more by browsing our FAQ page.

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Termite FAQ

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I have found termites in my home; What do I do?

Do not disturb or remove damaged timbers as this can cause termites to leave the affected area, making it harder for us to determine the extent of termite activity and the ability to treat an active area.

Please look at our Facebook page to view a clip of what happens when termites are disturbed.

I have found termites in a tree stump; What do I do?

Most pest control companies will want to charge you in excess of $150 to treat the affected timber.

If you spent that money with a stump removal business you would improve the look of your yard and remove the reason for termites being in your yard.

How can I protect my home against termites?

Have us do a Visual Termite Inspection to Australian Standards 3660.

Then make all the changes recommended on the report to improve the environment around your home, removing reasons for termite to be in your yard.

Why are regular pest inspections so important?

A report will tell you of potential problems around your home that could invite/attract termites close or into your home.

Soil levels, leaking plumbing, leaking shower recess, fungal decay are but a few examples of potential problems.

Are termite baiting systems effective?

Baiting systems are very affective at finding termite activity and eliminating the colony.

This is an excellent option for homes that are impossible to put a treated chemical zone around your home due to the construction methods or you want to be proactive in the termite management and monitor the stations togather.

The down side of baiting systems is the long term cost of having a pest control company monitor the stations for you along with the annual inspections and baiting when required.

What makes your company better than others?

We have been on the Gold Coast supporting our clients for over 15 years as Tedmans Tweed Heads.

Building a reputation for delivering services to our clients that will make a difference to their situation. We will never recommend an option to you that is more in our financial interest than yours.

We care about our long-term relationship with our customer and treat them as our extended family.

How do I stop my home from being a termite horror story?

Have your annual visual termite inspection, this reveals potential causes for termite activity that you can remedy.

Should termite be found in an annual inspection the damage will be greatly reduced that if you rarely have your home inspected.

What are flying termites?

Between November and March the winged alates (reproductive cast) of termites fly from the nest.

This happens when the humidity is the highest usually late afternoon with the onset of a storm.

The alates will resemble two fat segmented insects with gold wings and may be found fluttering around the windward side of your home attempting to get inside.

The purpose of a flight is for two alates to land in an area that is moist and has a food source.

It will take 3-4 years for the colony to become big enough to put a home under threat.

Sometimes the alates land in a moist timbered area of a home, starting a colony, this happens mostly in old timber clad homes that are affected by fungal decay in windows and weatherboards.

Do ants protect my home from termites?

The short answer is NO.

Ants are a natural predator to termites but they do not actively seek out termite activity like an anteater will.

Ants will walk all over a termite lead and not attack the termites until the lead is broken open.

Can I get insurance against termites?

Insurance and Warranties against termite damage are only available if the property has had a complete treated zone or termite monitoring and baiting system installed to the property.

Rapid Solutions have Timber Secure Insurance. Bayer and FMC both have warranty programs for their products Termidor and Bifenthrin.

Pest Control FAQ

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Is pest control safe?

Yes, when applied according to the label bearing in mind the proximity of people, pets, invertebrates (fish) and the environment.

Do you use natural pesticides?

The majority of the pesticides we use are man made copies of insecticides found in nature.

I am chemical sensitive; Can you help me?

We always listen to our customer concerns and will offer alternative solutions that deliver a result with out affecting our client.

Do you use non-toxic chemicals?

Chemicals to control pests are toxic, but are very target specific now.

Designed to affect an insects nervous system not humans.

How long do I need to be out of my home?

The products we use do not contain solvents are water based and only require you to be out of your home until the product dries.

Depending on the time of year this could be 10-45 minutes.

Do I have to empty my cupboards?

With the new Bait Gels available to the pest control industry you no-longer have to empty cupboards.

But if you do we can spray the backs of your cupboards for a greater residual control.

Do you have a free service period?

We have a 6 month free service period on all termite and pest management and 12 month on complete Termite treated zones.

Whilst we enjoy being paid, we enjoy seeing you happy with the pest-free outcome more.

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