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Funnel Ants

A common pest found throughout and Australia is the funnel ant (Aphaenogaster). These large ants build dense, copious nests and is named after the nest’s iconic funnel shaped entrances. These nests present serious problems for people who live on acreage or have pastures, as the nest’s fragile surface collapses easily under pressure. The nest’s funnel shaped openings also trap the funnel ants’ food source, thus enabling the pest to thrive in fertile environments.

There are several species of funnel ant, who essentially all live underground, only emerging after rain to excavate the soil to dry out their nests. This creates unsightly mounds all over your lawn. By removing the soil, the ants also make the ground unstable, creating hollows throughout your lawn.

Funnel ants are notoriously difficult to treat for several reasons:

  • Difficult to detect as majority of time spent underground
  • Exponential breeding rates (each nest has its own queen)
  • Particularly aggressive

Most conventional funnel ant treatments prove to be ineffective, as they are contact kill treatments. While this style of treatment deals with the immediate problem at hand, it does not get to the root of the infestation. Therefore, soon after this treatment, funnel ants return to the sight, as aggressive as ever.

This is where POM, based in Tweed Heads close to the Gold Coast, distances itself from the crowd. By utilising the BASF, Termidor control system, our customers are experiencing three to four years’ relief from the destruction caused by funnel ant colonies. This leaves their lawns looking immaculate and free of infestation.

Termidor treatment is distinctly different to many other methods, as it operates according to the ant’s natural behaviour. For instance, funnel ants frequently travel to the surface to build their distinctive nests. And Termidor’s unique formulation allows funnel ants to carry out their natural behaviour without realising they have made a fatal mistake.

The revolutionary BASF, Termidor ant control agent takes advantage of the funnel ant’s feeding and grooming habits to spread throughout the population. This, in turn, eliminates the colony, for a three to four-year control period. After the control treatment is applied, we guarantee that you will not see unsightly mounds of dirt in your yard for at least 12 months. By applying a perimeter spray to the exterior of your home, as well as to all ant trails and nests, many other common varieties of ant will be controlled also.

With such spectacular results, Termidor control treatment has produced countless satisfied customers. To experience the benefits first hand, call us for a free inspection of your yard today. We are conveniently based in Tweed Heads, close to the Gold Coast.

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