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The practice of pest control dates back to the dawn of agriculture, and was used as a means to keep crops free from unwanted pests.

More recently, it has been adapted for domestic use, as vermin became a problem within the home.

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Pest Control Services in Tweed Heads

The term pest control refers to the management of species considered to be pests.

These include: rats, mice, ants and termites, to name a few.

Creatures such as these are targeted as they are deemed to be detrimental to a person’s health, ecological structure or the economy.

A pest control practitioner is commonly referred to as an exterminator.

Cockroach pest services

Recent studies have shown that one in four Australian homes will be affected by pests, such as termites or ants at some stage.

So, if you are buying or selling a home in Tweed Heads or the Gold Coast, call us for a thorough pest inspection.

A pest inspection is the inspection of a property to identify insects or rodents.

Our staff will thoroughly examine all areas of your home, including: bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, garage and roofing for signs of pests and damage.

We use thermal imaging cameras to examine problem areas which cannot be seen by the human eye.

Once complete, we compile a report detailing all inspected areas and any evidence of pests on your property.

The experienced team at POM will identify and eliminate any threat to your property, whether they are already in the home or nearby.

Licensed pest inspection services

Whilst regular pest inspections are vital, it is not a job you should attempt to do yourself.

Hiring a professional pest control company such as POM guarantees you:

Prevention Further Damage of:

Damage caused by termites, ants and other such pests can prove extensive and costly.

Our skilled team based in Tweed Heads, close to the Gold Coast, will eliminate the pests, ensuring no further damage is done to your home.

Better Technology:

POM’s professional team has the right equipment to conduct a thorough inspection and pest treatment.

Cutting edge technology such as thermal imaging cameras ensures all pests are identified and eliminated.

Time Saving:

In as little as an hour, the professional team at POM will have completed a detailed inspection of your property, identifying pests and presenting you with options to go forward.

Professional Advice:

In addition to performing a thorough inspection of your property, POM pest controllers will recommend the best pest control methods for your needs. And as we perform inspections and pest termination, you’ll be in safe hands throughout the entire process.

We are conveniently based in Tweed Heads to service Northern New South Wales and the Gold Coast.

At POM, we recommend Pre-Purchase Timber Inspections, Annual Visual Termite Inspections and Pre-Purchase Building Inspections.

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Pest Control FAQ

Why are regular pest inspections so important?

A report will tell you of potential problems around your home that could invite/attract termites close or into your home.

Soil levels, leaking plumbing, leaking shower recess, fungal decay are but a few examples of potential problems.

Why should I have a pest inspection before buying a property?

When buying a property, it’s important to get the building checked for termites and other pests, in order to avoid a negative surprise by pests that have been living in the building pre-purchase. Our pest inspection report identifies possible damages caused by pests that are undetectable to the naked eye.

Another important step is getting a pre-purchase building inspection. Learn more about building and pest inspections.

Do you offer a warranty for your pest control services?

At Peace of Mind Termite & Pest Management, we offer free service warranty periods for all full-treatment work carried out by our trained operators. Learn more about our warranties.

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