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Our Pest Control Services Give Gold Coast & Robina Home Owners Peace of Mind.

Whether you need pest control for your residential or commercial Robina property, our team are committed to getting it done!

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When you hire our professional pest control team, you can be assured that we will eradicate your pest problem, priding ourselves on our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our Robina Pest Control Comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Unlike other Gold Coast pest control services, Peace of Mind Termite & Pest Management don’t offer band-aid solutions. We offer effective solutions that rid your home of a wide range of pests including rodents, ants, termites, cockroaches, spiders and more.

Don’t Let Termites Destroy Your Robina Property

It’s estimated that termites cost property owners more than 1 billion dollars in repairs each year. One female termite can lay up to 2000 eggs, meaning your Robina home could be overrun by termites within months. It doesn’t take long for termites to cause severe damage, so you need to act quickly.

Our trained pest control team can help you rid your Robina property of termites, and help you protect you from further termite attacks. 

Protect Yourself with our Robina Property Inspections

When you are purchasing a new property, be it an investment, residential or commercial, it is important to ensure the Robina property doesn’t have any pre-existing issues. The perfect way to do this, is to enlist our pest inspection services.

The team will be able to determine if the property has any pest issues, including termites and structural damage from termites and point you in the right direction with what to do next!

For all your pest control, termite and building and pest inspection needs, call Peace of Mind in Robina

Don’t put up with pests in your home, contact the experienced and dedicated team at Peace of Mind Termite & Management. We know you’ll be happy with the result.

Robina Pest Control

Looking for the best pest control Robina has to offer? We can help! Our team of experienced professionals provide comprehensive pest inspection and control services, using the latest technology and equipment.

We understand that every home and business is different, so we tailor our services to suit your individual needs. Whether you’re dealing with a few pesky insects or a more serious infestation, we’ll work with you to find the best solution.

Quality Pest Inspections

A pest inspection is the first step in identifying and solving a pest issue. Our inspectors will come to your property and assess the situation, looking for signs of infestation and possible entry points. We’ll then provide you with a report detailing our findings and recommendations.

Once we’ve identified the problem, we’ll work with you to develop a pest control plan. This may involve a combination of treatments, such as baiting, trapping, and chemical applications. Our goal is to always resolve the issue in the most effective and efficient way possible.

For more information about our pest control in Robina and on the Gold Coast, or to book an inspection, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Have Peace of Mind With Our Building & Pest Inspections

If you’re buying or selling a property, it’s important to get a building and pest inspection. This will give you an idea of any potential problems that may need to be addressed before settlement.

At Peace of Mind, we offer competitively priced building and pest inspections across the Gold Coast and Robina QLD area. We’ll come to your property and carry out a thorough assessment, looking for any signs of damage or infestation. We’ll then provide you with a detailed report, outlining our findings and recommendations.

Termite Inspections & Treatments

Don’t let termites or white ants ruin your property! If you’ve found termites on your property, it’s important to act quickly with one of Peace of Mind’s termite inspections. Termites can cause serious damage to buildings and other structures, so it’s important to get rid of them as soon as possible.

We offer a range of termite treatments, including termite baiting, chemical applications, and physical barriers. We’ll work with you to find the best solution for your situation and make sure the problem is resolved!

Seeing Funnel Ants on your Lawn?

Funnel ants protect their net in wet weather by building a mound of dirt above the nest with a funnel in the mound so that water will not enter the nest. These mounds can cause a few problems around your home.

  • They can cause dirt entry into the home from foot and pet traffic
  • Can cause blockages in your lawn mower
  • Grounding can become very soft under foot due to the tunnelling throughout the yard. This can also cause cars to leave deep wheel tracks and risk of slip and fall accidents when walking on sloping wet ground. 

    All this can be solved with one of our treatments, which gives 2-5 years control. We even have a 12 month guarantee that you will not see funnel ants in the first year after treatment. Get in touch to arrange a

    How Long Does Pest Control Last?

    The length of time that pest control lasts depends on the type of treatment used. Some treatments, such as baiting and trapping, may need to be maintained regularly. 

    Other treatments, like chemical applications, will provide longer-lasting results. Ultimately, the best way to ensure your property is protected from pests is to have regular pest inspections. This will allow you to identify and solve any problems early before they have a chance to cause serious damage.

    For more on our Gold Coast & Robina pest control solutions, be sure to give us a call and arrange a free pest assessment!

    Whilst we enjoy being paid, we enjoy seeing you happy with the pest-free outcome more.

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