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Whilst it may not seem like the most important factor in a strata report, the lack of a detailed pest control plan (i.e. which company’s services to utilise and what their methods are) can present major problems down the line.

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One of the most common mistakes strata organisations make is neglecting to perform an annual pest report.

Often Strata reports for buildings detail information regarding insurance, funds available for repairs to the building etc but should also state the regulations regarding pest control and management.

Without a comprehensive report, pest problems may go undetected, leading to costly repairs.

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Unfortunately, in a lot of cases, the pest problem has progressed from a preventative maintenance issue into a costly, major works issue.

Fortunately, there are simple steps you can take to prevent this:

  • Have annual pest reports
  • Ensure a Peace Of Mind licensed, qualified pest technician performs these pest inspections
  • Listen to and act upon the advice the pest technician gives you. This is particularly prevalent if you are advised that your building is conducive to termite infestation, and;
  • Ensure you act upon any recommended preventative actions.

When you are considering buying any property, POM recommends that you undertake several preliminary inspections, to avoid the frustration of costly repairs later on.

The recommended inspections include: a Pre-Purchase Timber Inspection, an Annual Visual Termite Inspection and a Pre-Purchase Building and Pest Inspection.

Upon purchasing your new home, it is highly recommended that you invest in a Timber Pest Inspection. This report identifies fungal decay, timber borers, termite activity, drainage issues, leaking showers, as well as moisture and ventilation issues.

An Annual Visual Termite Inspection is an essential inspection for every homeowner, as frequently signs of termite activity go undetected.

These include:

  • leaking shower recesses
  • leaks beneath vanity units and sinks
  • overflowing hot water
  • tree stumps and timber stacked in the yard
Unit and apartment pest inspection

Before purchasing a new property, ensure you invest in a Pre-Purchase Building and Pest Inspection.

We recommend this inspection be carried out by a qualified, insured builder who can point out any construction or maintenance issues.

Arrange your Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection with us and we can organise for a qualified building inspector to be present during the inspection.

We are conveniently based in Tweed Heads to service Northern New South Wales and the Gold Coast.

Whilst we enjoy being paid, we enjoy seeing you happy with the pest-free outcome more.

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