There are many pest control myths out there, so we thought we’d explore a few and give you the real facts.

Bed bugs are only attracted to filthy homes.

This is purely a myth, bed bugs are looking for a source of blood, and whether this is you, your dog or your children, they are not biased. They will live in unsanitary or clean conditions providing their food source is present.

Mice are attracted to cheese.

If you watched Tom and Jerry as a child you might be fooled into thinking that all mice are attracted to cheese. However, whilst they’ll happily nibble on your mature cheddar, they are might more likely to be attracted to the sweeter treats in your home.

If you can’t see pests they’re not there.

Pests have a great survival instinct and tend to keep themselves hidden, only coming out for food or water. So, you might think you are pest-free, but upon further investigation you will see that these critters are clever and will often hide themselves in places that are not visible to the naked eye.

My cat will keep my home free from mice.

Whilst your cat would love nothing more than feasting on a mouse, these little creatures are small and crafty. Mice hide in places that cats cannot access. Ever hear things go bump in the night, that could be the mice in the walls, air ducts or even in the ceiling.

I only need pest control management when there is a problem.

Definitely not. Prevention is better than cure and talking to Peace of Mind Pest Control means you can keep the pesky critters at bay before they cause a problem.

For all your pest control needs call Peace of Mind Pest Control on the Gold Coast and discuss the best pest management solution for you.