Termites have been around for millions of years, munching on wood in forests and now in people’s homes. While they are undoubtedly pests in Australia, they are interesting creatures. So, to help you learn more about these creatures, here are some amazing facts about termites from our pest control professionals.

Termites are great for the environment

Termites play an important role in breaking down plant fibres and recycling dead and decomposing trees into new soil. They also create effective aeration of the surrounding soil as the tunnel and move around. Both processes are essential for the health of our forests.

Most termite workers and soldiers are blind

Due to the fact that workers and soldier termites send most of their lives submerged in damp, dark nests, they have no need for eyes. The only termites that require eyes are the reproductive termites, which must travel to find mates and new nest sites.

Termites eat each other’s poop

Termites are born with the necessary bacteria in their gut to digest tough plant fibres and cellulose. To gain these bacteria, they eat the poop of other termites. They also replenish their bacteria levels after each moult.

Termites use a kind of Morse code

When termite soldiers sense danger they bang their heads on the sides of their nest. This sends vibrations to the rest of the colony and warns them of any imminent danger.

Want to keep termites out of your home?

As amazing as these creatures may be, you do not under any circumstances want them in your home. Termites can cause irreversible damage to the structure of your home and cost your thousands of dollars in repairs.

If you want to protect your home, then organise an appointment with our pest control specialists. Based in Tweed Heads, we offer a range of affordable pest control and management plans to protect Gold Coast and North NSW homes from termites.
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