Bugs make even the best of us squeamish (they are called creepy crawlies for a reason). None the less, we humans are fascinated with the horrors of bugs. So to satisfy your curiosity, here are some creepy stories about bugs from our pest control team. If you have a weak stomach or a fear of bugs, then do not read any further.

Those bed bugs really do bite

You’ve probably heard the saying, “night, night, don’t let the bed bugs bite”, but few people know what bed bugs are. They are small wingless bugs that are usually brown in colour, but change to rust read after they have eaten. What do they eat, well blood from humans and other animals. They like to live in mattresses, bedding and other furniture. If a home has bed bugs they come out at night and feed.

Roaches – the living dead

Cockroaches are incredibly hardy creatures. They’re zombie-like traits include the ability to live without their heads and the ability to come back to life after half an hour of drowning. They can survive in almost any climate and go for around a month with absolutely no food. Worse still, they are incredibly difficult to kill.

Would you like vomit with that?

Flies can’t chew, so in order to digest food, flies need to vomit on their food. Their vomit breaks down the food and they suck it up through their mouthparts. Even more disturbingly, they drink a lot of fluid to help them vomit and as a result, they poop a lot too, usually as they are feeding. Flies are covered in bacteria and carry all sorts of diseases.

Want to keep your house free of these horrors? You need pest control!

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