Building inspections are a legal requirement for businesses with a physical structure. Customers, clients, employees and tenants have a right to a well-managed and functioning building.

Your home also needs inspections, especially when selling or buying property. Annual or bi-annual pest management and building inspections in Tweed Heads are a fantastic way to save money long-term and keep your family safe. Left unchecked, you won’t be proactive in preventing a potentially devastating termite infestation in the future. You are also maintaining your home regularly and tackling the pests that invade your home throughout the year.

What To Do Before A Building & Pest Inspection

Research pest inspection companies in your area and compare their checklist of services and costs. Reviews from private and corporate or business entities are critical; consider what is not said. Find out from them what is required of you before the inspector arrives.

Preparing your home will ensure uncluttered spaces, facilitating the inspectors’ job. Hindered pathways may cause an incomplete inspection and waste time and money. Ensure your home, basement and outside areas are tidy and that doorways, cupboards and windows are unlocked. If you aren’t in attendance, leave a set of keys with the agent.

Remove your pets during the inspection, as some chemicals may harm them.

What To Expect From A Building Inspection

Professional pest control companies include a detailed inspection report of all findings, recommendations and costs. They should also evaluate the suggested treatments and highlight their benefits and effects on your home. The company should inform you about what you can expect and clarify any problematic issues.

The Value Of Building Inspections

The value lies in being alerted to any structural issue or potential infestation that can harm your well-being. Besides providing valuable information and advice, these inspections can help avoid costly renovation mistakes. They also come in handy if you plan to improve your property before selling it, adding value to your selling price.

If you require a building and pest inspection in Tweed Heads, Northern New South Wales and the Gold Coast, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Peace Of Mind Termite & Pest Control today. With our professional team, your job will receive the attention and quality service it deserves. Take advantage of our Pest Management Plans and organise all your pest solutions for the year ahead.