Funnel Ants

Funnel Ant lawn damage

Have you got unsightly mounds of dirt in your lawn? Are you constantly walking dirt into the home on your feet? If you’ve been looking for Funnel Ant control to rid your lawn of these annoying pests, read on.

Funnel Ant Facts

The Funnel Ant (Aphaenogaster), is a common pest found throughout Australia. These infuriating pests build copious, dense nests in grassed areas. Their name is derived from the nest’s iconic funnel-shaped entrances. The nest’s openings trap the funnel ants’ food source, thus enabling the pest to thrive in fertile environments.

There are several species of funnel ants living underground. They emerge after rain to excavate the soil to dry out their nests. This creates unsightly mounds all over your lawn.

By removing the soil, the ants also make the ground unstable, creating hollows throughout your lawn. When there are a large number of Funnel Ant nests in your lawn, the ground becomes very soft under foot. Especially for those living on acreage or farms with pastures, the nests are a problem, as the collapsed nests create dangerous ditches where farm animals or farm workers can be injured or expensive machinery can be damaged.

Funnel Ant Treatment Failures

The main reason most conventional funnel ant control treatments have proven to be ineffective is because they are contact kill treatments. This means that contact with the pesticide kills the ant. While these types of treatments deal with the immediate problem, they do not get to the root of the infestation.

As a result, soon after this type of treatment is done, funnel ants return to the site, just as aggressive as ever.

Funnel Ants

Funnel Ant before & after

Funnel Ant Control That Works

At Peace of Mind Pest Management, we provide highly effective Funnel Ant control which stands out from the crowd.

We utilise the BASF, Termidor control system. We’d proud to say that our customers are experiencing three to four years’ relief from the destruction caused by Funnel Ant colonies. Many have commented on now having immaculate having lawns which are free of ant infestation.

What sets Termidor treatment apart from other Funnel Ant control methods is that it works based on the ant’s natural behaviour. We know funnel ants frequently travel to the surface to build their distinctive nests. Termidor’s unique formulation takes advantage of the funnel ant’s feeding and grooming habits, which helps spread the treatment throughout the colony’s population. This eliminates the colony and controls the Funnel Ants for a period of three to four years.

Once the Termidor control treatment is applied, we guarantee that you won’t see unsightly mounds of dirt in your yard for a minimum of 12 months. In addition to spraying all funnel ant trails and nests, we recommend the application of a perimeter spray to the exterior of your home to also control many other common ant varieties.

Through the use of Termidor treatment and the amazing results it achieves, we now have countless satisfied customers, which makes us very happy too.

Funnel Ant Control Tweed Heads and Gold Coast

From our Tweed Heads base, we deliver Funnel Ant control and a broad range of pest control services across the entire Tweed Shire and Gold Coast areas.

The cost of Termidor treatment varies, depending on the size of the yard, number of Funnel Ant mounds and time needed to treat each nest. The price to treat a typical suburban house yard starts from $200. For further information about how we treat your yard for Funnel Ants, click here.

Would you like to experience the immense benefits of this innovative Funnel Ant treatment method for yourself? Give us a call to arrange a free site inspection of your yard today.