Merely closing your door and windows won’t stop pests from invading your home. Pests are clever and where there’s a will there’s a way.

So, how can I stop pests from entering my home?

Should you want to take advantage of the fresh air, the best way to protect your home from pests is to install good screens on your windows and doors. Make sure the screens are not broken as this will render them useless.

Good drainage and regular garden maintenance can be a great deterrent for pests. By taking away the very thing they are attracted to, pooled water, they might just by-pass your property in favour of more desirable conditions.

Practising good hygiene is always a great way to deter pests from your home. They are essentially looking for shelter, food and water. By packing your open food into sealed, air tight containers you can ensure that you cut off their food supply, making them consider an alternative venue. You must also ensure all crumbs and food particles are cleaned up and not left out as a treat.

Are the cracks starting to show? It does not matter how small the hole in your home is, bugs will find a way of getting in. So, make sure you patch up any cracks or crevasses in your home to stop any unwanted guests coming in.

One man’s trash is a pest’s feast for the night. Make sure you put all your rubbish in a bin that has a lid and empty food scraps into the outside bin each night.

Whilst all the above tips are great for keeping pests at bay, nothing beats Peace of Mind Pest Control. To protect your Gold Coast home from a possible pest invasion, talk to the experts. We will look at pest control management systems that will make your home a fortress against pests.