If you have a termite monitoring and baiting system through one of the many pest companies pushing these systems, it will be costing you around $1100 a year to maintain and have a pest tech in your yard at least 5 times a year.

What if I told you that you can get your annual cost down to as little as $210 a year (annual Inspection cost). That is a saving of $890 per year. About $4500 over a standard 5-year termite life.

How you ask?

Sentricon the original manufacturers of termite monitoring and baiting systems have now introduced an Always Active Rod (AAR). This rod replaces the timber interceptors in your station regardless of the brand.

This AAR is made of reconstituted timber with the bait already in the rod. Your standard system requires annual inspection replacement of timbers and at least 5 site visits to checks for termite activity during the year and start a monthly baiting program if termites are present (more cost).

The Sentricon Always Active Rods (AAR) replace the timber interceptors.

Year one will be slightly more expensive to get the system set up. However, years 2-5 the annual cost drops to $210 for your termite inspection.

These rods are designed to last for more than 5 years in the station.

They have enough control agent in each rod to eliminate a termite colony.

You only need to check every 6 to 12 month intervals to see that the rods have not been consumed. Most customers are happy now to check the stations themselves as the only expertise they need is to see that the rod is still in the station. More savings!

Always Active Rod (AAR) have a replacement cost of $75, multiply that by the number of stations around your home plus your annual inspection cost and you have worked out your year one cost.

This system is beneficial to all homeowners but especially body corporate complexes that have been talked into this Peace of Mind system without the explanation of annual cost.

Check out how Senricon Always Active Rods work at https://youtu.be/OHDjfL-u6jI

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