Pests might make your skin crawl, but for some people it goes a step further. There are millions of irrational fears in the world, and it’s no surprise that a fear of pests is quite common.

No one likes cockroaches in their home, they carry bacteria and viruses and breed like wild fire. But the fear of cockroaches is a very real phobia. The mere sight of a cockroach, especially one hurtling towards you can strike fear into the heart of some. The fear of cockroaches is called Katsaridaphobia.

Ever get that feeling you are being followed. Usually when a fly pinpoints you they tend to linger around, even when they have the threat of being crushed. However, for some people it’s not just purely the annoyance of a fly buzzing around their heads and/or food, some people are simply fearful of flies. This is called Pteronarcophobia.

When you see people running, screaming and jumping on countertops to escape a rodent you might think it is a little over-dramatic. But then again, maybe you completely understand. The fear of rodent is called Musophobia.

None of us like pests feasting on us, but for some people the fear runs much deeper than it being a bit annoying and painful. The fear of insects causing itchy bites is known as Acarophobia.

You might have watched the movie, but then again you might have been too scared to. Arachnophobia is a fear of spiders. It might not sound irrational when you consider Australia is home to some of the most toxic and deadly spiders in the world.

The ants come matching one by one is a funny little rhyme that kids love, but the thought of this song becoming a reality is enough to strike fear into suffers of Myrmecophobia. The fear of ants is a very real fear, and being such common place in our warmer weather can be quite frightful for suffers.

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