Sentricon Termite Baiting System

Sentricon Termite Baiting Systems

Whether there are active termites around your home or you simply want to peace of mind which comes with protection, you need an effective termite baiting system put in place.

Termite Baiting Systems – How to Save Money

Unfortunately, some companies will quote huge amounts for this service. Termite monitoring and baiting systems can cost upwards of $1100 PER YEAR to maintain, and you’ll need to have a pest technician visit your property at least five times a year!

You’re probably thinking… “Wow, there must be a better and more cost-effective way to deal with termites!” The good news – there is!

Termite Baiting Systems that don’t cost a fortune

At Peace of Mind Pest Management, we know how expensive maintaining a home can be. Our innovative termite baiting systems can help reduce your annual termite monitoring cost down to as little as $210 per year. That’s a saving of $890 per year or around $4500 over a standard 5-year period!

Wondering how we can reduce the cost by such a huge amount?

As the original manufacturers of termite monitoring and baiting systems, Sentricon have now introduced an Always Active Rod (AAR). This rod replaces the timber interceptors in your termite monitoring station, regardless of which brand it is. Made of reconstituted timber, the AAR holds the bait in the rod, with the rods designed to last for more than 5 years in the station.

With Sentricon, the first year involves an initial set up cost, however, in years 2-5, the annual cost drops down to just $210 for your annual inspection.

Aren’t all termite baiting systems the same?

The difference between Sentricon and standard termite baiting systems, is that the others require an annual inspection to replace the bait timber and they rely on your pest provider conducting a minimum of five site visits throughout the year to check for termite activity. Should active termites be identified, a monthly baiting program is commenced, adding further to your cost. With Sentricon, only one visit per year and one low fee is required, making it a much more most cost-effective option.

How does the Sentricon system work in the long term?

The AAR holds enough control agent in each rod to eliminate an entire termite colony. Termites depend on one another for survival, with the colony’s workers responsible for finding the food and bringing it back to the nest. After locating the AAR, the worker termites consume the control agent, thinking it is a food source, returning to the colony with this food, sharing with the colony and maybe the Queen. With the workers gone, the termites in the colony then starve and the colony dies.

One of the biggest benefits of Sentricon is that you no longer have to flood the soil around your home with chemicals to eliminate termites and protect your home. You’re protected by the latest technology and science in termite control.

To maintain the Sentricon system, all that is required is to check the rods at 6-12 month intervals (depending on your property’s risk factors), to monitor whether the rods have been consumed.

If the rod has been consumed and needs replacing, the Always Active Rod (AAR) cost $75 each. To calculate your Year 1 cost, simply multiply the number of stations location around your home x $75, plus your annual inspection cost.

After the initial consultation, most homeowners are happy to check the stations themselves, as the only expertise required is to see whether the rod is still in the station. This means even greater savings for you!

What type of properties use Sentricon?

The Sentricon termite baiting system is beneficial to all homeowners and body corporate manager who wish to protect their property constructed of timber, brick, concrete and all other types of building materials.

Want to know more?

There’s more information about how Sentricon Always Active Rods work on YouTube

If you’d like to find out more about saving money on your pest management or discover how best to protect your biggest asset – your home – contact Peace of Mind Termite and Pest Management. Let us help you get peace of mind.