Whilst pests might give you the shivers that’s not all they can give you. Pests and rodents can pose serious health risks if left to untreated, hence the strict food legislation for food outlets.

Mice and rats that seek shelter in your home can live in walls, ceilings and floors, so you might see the tail end of one, but you might have a whole community living in your home. If you’re not like much of the population and they don’t scare you, why not leave them be?

Whilst we might not be looking at anything as catastrophic as the Bubonic plague, mice and rat dropping can spread bacteria, causing disease and viruses.

Rodents can contaminate food and/or utensils with their faeces and urine, causing well-known issues such as salmonella which can leave you with an infection that causes fever, vomiting, stomach cramps and diarrhea. Which is one of many diseases these pests can spread.

Whilst cockroaches don’t transfer disease through their bites, they do pose a serious health risk through their ability to contaminate your food and utensils. Cockroaches have been known to carry diseases such as; Typhoid Fever, Gastroenteritis, salmonella, plague to name a few.

Asthma suffers beware, cockroach droppings can trigger your symptoms.

Whilst a few ants might be harmless, in their masses they might seem a little more daunting with the risk of salmonella, E. coli and streptococcus being transmitted by them.

Flies are annoying, they buzz around and seem to follow you. Any food that is left out, a fly is sure to land on it. As annoying as they are, flies can cause a much greater hazard to your health than many people realise. Flies can be responsible for transmitting salmonella, shigellosis, E. coli to name a few.

Pest control management is not just about keeping up appearances, it is also about keeping disease at bay.

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