You switch off the lights and lie down in bed, but just as you are drifting off to sleep you hear strange noises. Scratching, rustling or squeaking. While your mind may conjure up images of ghosts and ghouls, the real culprits are likely far less paranormal. Most common pests are very active at night and create all kinds of noises. To help you decipher these sounds, here is a guide from our pest control experts.

Scratching in the walls

Scratching, rustling or chewing sounds coming from inside your walls may sound like a demonic spirit, but it’s far more likely to be rodents. Both rats and mice are active at night and often use wall cavities to move around the home undetected. If you hear these sounds at night, it’s time to call in a pest control professional.

Rustling or rattling in walls

The culprits of these unsettling sounds are likely termites. While termites are active both day and night, the sounds they make are so slight, that you may only hear them in the depths of night. You may hear papery rustling sounds if they move close to internal wood surfaces. Otherwise if termites are disturbed they warn each other by banging their heads against their tunnels, creating an audible dry rattling sound.

Screeching or growling in your roof

The sounds are likely coming from possums. These marsupials are quite large and love a good scrap. If you’ve ever heard a possum fight you’ll know what I mean. While these guys are a protected species and not in fact pests, they can be very annoying, especially if you have a family of them living in your roof. If a pest control team find possums in your roof, they will contact a wildlife group to remove them and relocate them.

If you’re looking for pest control professionals in the Tweed Heads or Gold Coast areas, then call Peace Of Mind Termite & Pest Management. Our team can identify your nocturnal noises and eliminate your pests for good.