Our Top 10 Termite Control Tips

As pest management specialists, we know a thing or two about termites and how to avoid having your property infested. This blog post is the last in a four-part series on effective termite control for your property.

As you know, termites are destructive pests which can destroy the structural stability of your beloved home and seriously devalue your property. Serious damage can be done without you even knowing termites are present.

Properties in warm, humid areas, such as the Gold Coast, the Tweed Valley, Tweed Coast and Tweed Heads areas, are considered to be particularly vulnerable to termite infestation.

Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to help guard your home against termite damage. By sharing the following tips, we hope you’re able to avoid having termite problems around your property.

10 tips to control termites

  1. Moisture is a BIG issue – ensure your home is free of moisture as it attracts termites and helps them to thrive
  2. Ensure there is adequate ventilation to the sub-floor area of your home – this minimises the risk of moisture accumulating beneath the house
  3. Repair any rusted or damaged roof or guttering quickly
  4. Repair or replace any dripping taps or damaged water pipes on the property
  5. Be sure your air conditioning unit, which draws excess moisture from the interior air, discharges it at least 2 metres from the external wall of the house, or into a drain, not into the soil around your home
  6. The same applies to your hot water service – ensure the overflow is preferably discharged either into a drain, or into the ground at least 2 metres from the outside wall of your home
  7. If you’re storing timber around the home, be sure it’s not laying directly on the ground and is not propped up against the external wall of the house, as this is termite heaven
  8. Mulch – If you’re mulching your garden, keep it 50mm or less in depth, otherwise the wood chips can hold moisture … and by now, you’ll know that draws termites
  9. Tree stumps – Be sure to remove tree stumps if you’ve cut down a tree, as they are a very attractive food source for the pesky termite
  10. Regularly inspect the slab and based of the external walls around your home to check if there’s any “mudding”

What To Do If You Have Termites

If you suspect termite activity on your property, call a licensed pest control professional immediately. Once infested, you cannot control termites with any DIY methods, you’ll need expert help to identify the extent of any damage and assess the best course of treatment.

We trust these termite control tips have helped you guard against potential infestation. However, if you have any questions or concerns about termite activity at your property, please contact us to arrange an inspection.

Want to know more about making your home termite resistant? Give us a call to arrange a free site inspection of your yard today.